IGLP: The Conference

IGLP’s 2013 Conference: New Directions in Global Thought: IGLP at Five took place June 3-4, 2013 at Harvard Law School. Thank you to all of those who  shared their ongoing research with us.  We proudly hosted more than 300 scholars from around the world to share their work on a variety of panels during the Conference.

Our inaugural conference was a celebration of the IGLP’s first five years and we invited all those interested in pursuing new thinking about law and global policy to join us in Cambridge.  We are particularly pleased that IGLP alumni and friends found the Conference a useful opportunity to share their ongoing research.  The 2013 IGLP Conference was held directly following the 2013 Law and Society Association conference (May 30-June 2, 2013), which was convened in Boston.


Information about the Conference

About IGLP: The Conference:  

The Institute encourages academic collaboration among young scholars from across the world, aiming to support a network of scholars and policy makers who share our belief that ideas matter, and our commitment to new voices and viewpoints for thinking about global governance, social justice and economic policy.  More than 500 scholars from scores of nations have participated in our activities.  Our annual IGLP Workshop offers junior scholars from around the world the opportunity to share their research and reflect together on new thinking in the fields of international law, political economy, and global governance.

IGLP: The Conference will be held every other June at Harvard Law School and is open to all those who are interested in pursuing new thinking about law and global policy, including those who are new to our network as well as IGLP alumni and friends. Our aim is to provide an ongoing opportunity for scholars connected to the Institute to return to Cambridge to present their research, to reconnect with peers from across the globe, and to find new opportunities for collaborative research with other innovative scholars.

We expect many of the discussions at the Conference to continue thinking spawned in streams of investigation begun at our annual Workshops or in the Pro-Seminars we have sponsored.  They include: Comparative Legal Studies; the Corporation in Global Society; Human Rights and Social Justice; Global Science and Technology Studies; Law and Economic Development; International Economic Law and Regulation; Revitalizing Arab and Islamic Legal Traditions; Globalization and Labor; Legal Architecture of Monetary Integration; Private International as Global Governance; and Global Law and Political Economy.

Travel and Accommodations:  Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about housing. Additional questions may be  directed to iglp@law.harvard.edu.

The Conference Sponsors: 

The IGLP is particularly grateful to our Conference Leading Sponsors and santander_small_web_versioncollaborator Santander Universities, who continue to show their faith in our efforts to develop innovative ideas and alternative approaches to issues of global law, economic policy, social justice and governance as well as to strengthen the next generation of scholars by placing them in collaboration with their global peers. Santander Universities have generously agreed to be the Leading Sponsor of the June Conference as part of their commitment to higher education. Harvard Law School is proud to join with them in this effort.

Santander Universities, was created by Banco Santander on the conviction that the best way of contributing to growth and economic and social process is by backing the higher education and research system. Banco Santander’s commitment to progress finds its expression in the Santander Universities Global Division, whose activities form the backbone of the bank’s social action and enable it to maintain a stable alliance with the academic world in Latin America, China, United States of America, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Singapore, and Russia. Santander Universities Global Division, a team of more than 2,100 professionals distributed across 17 countries, coordinates and manages Banco Santander’s commitment to higher education. Between 1997 and 2012, Banco Santander channeled $1 billion into sponsorship of academic, research and technological projects in support of higher education. There are now over 1,000 academic institutions receiving support from Banco Santander for the development of academics initiatives including Harvard University and the IGLP.

Santander Universities is the Lead Sponsor of our June Conference, Colloquium, and Pro-Seminars at Harvard.

Online: www.santanderuniversities.us

About the IGLP: The Institute for Global Law and Policy (IGLP) at Harvard Law School is a collaborative faculty effort to continue to show their faith in our efforts to provide a focal point for European, international and comparative law, and economic development study at Harvard Law School.particularly grateful to nurture innovative approaches to global policy in the face of a legal and institutional architecture manifestly ill-equipped to address our most urgent global challenges. We aim to provide a platform at Harvard for new thinking about international legal and institutional arrangements, with particular emphasis on ideas and issues of importance to the global South. We are particularly grateful to the Qatar Foundation, and to our other Sponsors the Real Colegio ComplutenseVisa Inc., and J&A Garrigues, S.L.P., who continue to show their faith in our efforts to provide a focal point for European, international and comparative law, and economic development study at Harvard Law School.