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Noha Aboueldahab (2014 Workshop Docent), shares a rapporteur’s report on the panel that was held at Durham Law School last May, titled “Prosecutions, Politics and Transitions: How criminal justice in the Arab Spring is shaping transitional justice.”  The panel was partially funded by the IGLP – Santander Universities grant. Noha Aboueldahab is a ph.D. candidate […]

Jimena Sierra, IGLP Workshop 2014 alum, is pleased to share her latest article “Derecho, minería y (neo) colonialismo. Una aproximación crítica a la regulación de la minería de oro a gran escala en Colombia” (Law, Mining and (Neo)colonialism.)  A critical approach to the regulation on large scale gold mining in Colombia), the article is a Spanish language […]

Marcelo Torelly (2013 IGLP Visiting Researcher), is pleased to share the launch of the Inter-American Human Rights Network website, an international research project based in University College London and sponsored by the Leverhulme Trust in which Torelly is participating: The network’s principal purpose is to foster and coordinate collaborative research into the operations, structure, policies, […]

Melissa Crouch (2014 IGLP Workshop Participant), is pleased to share the news of a recent publication in the Wisconsin International Law Journal that she co-authored, entitled: ‘Cause Lawyers in Indonesia: A House Divided’ 31(3) Wisconsin International Law Journal [Special Edition: Cause Lawyers in Asia] 620-645. The paper explores the tension between the Indonesian legal profession’s […]

Prabhakar Singh, a 2012 IGLP Workshop alum, is pleased to share his new publication “India Before and After the Right of Passage Case” in vol. 5 Asian Journal of International Law (CUP, 2015). Prabhakar Singh is a Faculty of Law at the National University of Singapore.

At the 2015 Workshop (January 2-11) we will continue to seek ways to deepen the network of collaboration among our Workshop alumni as well as continue to strengthen and renew our core program with new themes and new participants. Our aim is to build on the momentum of our first five Workshops as we strive […]

The IGLP Collaborative Research Grant recipient group, Locating Nature: The Making and Unmaking of International Law is pleased to announce the publication of a special symposium in the Leiden Journal of International Law (Volume 27(3)). The international legal theory symposium includes the following articles: ‘Locating Nature: Making and Unmaking International Law‘ by Usha Natarajan (2014 […]

Amin George Forji, a 2014 IGLP Workshop alum, is pleased to share the news of the publication of his review article of “The Oxford Handbook of the History of International Law” in the Journal of the History of International Law / Revue d’Histoire du Droit International, Vol. 16, No. 1, 2014. Amin George Forji is […]

 Jimena Sierra is pleased to share her  latest article “¿Qué son las estéticas legales? Una aproximación a la noción de “arte y derecho”, a Spanish language text published in the journal “Derecho del Estado” from the Externado de Colombia University (Bogotá, Colombia). This is a special edition of the journal about the link between Fine […]

IGLP 2012 Workshop Participant Emilio Dabed is pleased to share his article “A Constitution for a Nonstate: The False Hopes of Palestinian Constitutionalism, 1988–2007.”  It was published by the Journal of Palestine Studies in its volume XLIII, No. 2 (winter issue 2014), p. 42.  The paper was presented at IGLP’s The Workshop in 2012. Emilio […]

Maja Savevska (2014 IGLP Workshop Participant) authored an article that was originally presented at the IGLP Doha Workshop in January 2014, and was recently published in the Romanian Journal of European Affairs, 14(2): 63-80. The article is entitled: ‘Corporate Social Responsibility: A Promising Social Innovation or a Neoliberal Strategy in Disguise?’ ​

Ajay Gudavarthy (2011 IGLP Workshop Participant) recently published a book entitled: Maoism, Democracy and Globalisation: Cross-currents in Indian Politics

Luis Eslava (2014 IGLP Workshop Docent) recently published a four part piece called Dense Struggle: On Ghosts, Law and the Global Order in the blog Critical Legal Thinking. Luis Eslava is a Lecturer in Law, Kent Law School, The University of Kent and Senior Fellow, Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne. In Part One […]

Recently,  a book on Chinese jurisprudence, translated by Dr. Xi Lin (2012 IGLP Workshop Participant), was published by World Scientific Publishing Company. The book title is: Rethinking Chinese Jurisprudence and Exploring Its Future: A Sociology of Knowledge Perspective. This book is an antecedent study on the task facing China’s legal science, more strictly speaking — […]

IGLP 2014 Workshop participant Melissa Crouch is proud to announce her new article: ‘Rediscovering ‘Law’ in Myanmar: A Review of Scholarship on the Legal System of Myanmar’ (2014) 23(3) Pacific Rim Law and Policy Review 543-575. Melissa Crouch is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Asian Legal Studies, the Law Faculty, the National University of […]