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Rose Parfitt, an IGLP alum, is pleased to announce her recent piece, “The Spectre of Sources.”  It is a contribution to the Book Review Symposium edited by Anne Peters and Bardo Fassbender in the European Journal of International Law, vol.25, no.1, 2014. Parfitt says, “Thanks to many friends and colleagues for their helpful comments, especially Luis Eslava […]

Nahed Samour, an IGLP alum, shares her recent piece, “Is there A Role for Islamic International Law in the History of International Law?“  It is a contribution to the Book Review Symposium edited by Anne Peters and Bardo Fassbender in the European Journal of International Law, vol.25, no.1, 2014. Nahed Samour is graduate student in […]

The International and Comparative Law Center (ICLC) at Mississippi College School of Law is pleased to share a video of a presentation by IGLP alum Professor Michael Fakhri.  The presentation is from the ICLC’s Spring 2014 seminar series. Sugar: An International Legal Account of a Commodity Prof. Michael Fakhri, University of Oregon School of Law and IGLP Alum        

Jill Goldenziel, an IGLP alum, recently published “Regulating Human Rights: International Organizations, Flexible Standards, and International Refugee Law,” in the Chicago Journal of International Law.  Goldenziel says, “This article explains how international organizations can improve human rights outcomes under conditions where treaty regimes have failed. By using their authority to create more flexible standards than […]

The International and Comparative Law Center (ICLC) at Mississippi College School of Law shares a video of a presentations by IGLP alum Dr. Nikolas Rajkovic. The presentation is from the ICLC’s Spring 2014 seminar series. March 31: Cartographic Disobedience Dr. Nikolas Rajkovic, Lecturer in Law, University of Kent and IGLP Alum  

Nadia Ahmad, IGLP alum, would like to share her recent publication “The Tropics Exploited: Risk Preparedness and Corporate Social Responsibility in Offshore Energy Development,” which was published in the Texas A&M Law Review. ABSTRACT: Soaring energy demands and increasing technological innovation have led to the rapid exploitation of offshore oil and gas exploration and development. This article […]

Melissa Crouch, IGLP alum, wishes to share her new blog post, Road to Constitutional Amendment in Myanmar Going Nowhere, published on the East Asia Forum.  The article also appeared in the most recent edition of the East Asia Forum Quarterly, ‘On the Edge in Asia.’ “I recently attended the 2014 IGLP and was grateful for the […]

Nadia Ahmad, IGLP alum, is pleased to share her recent publication “A National Mineral Policy as an International Investment Law Stratagem: The Case of Tajikistan’s Gold Reserves,” which was published in the Pacific McGeorge Global Business & Development Law Journal. ABSTRACT: This article explores the role that a national mineral policy (NMP) can play to […]

Philip Kaisary, IGLP Alum, is pleased to share the news of the publication of his new book, ”The Haitian Revolution in the Literary Imagination: Radical Horizons, Conservative Constraints.”  The University of Virginia Press published the book last month.  ABSTRACT: The Haitian Revolution (1791–1804) reshaped the debates about slavery and freedom throughout the Atlantic world, accelerated the abolitionist […]

 Nadia Ahmad, IGLP alum, shares her recent publication ”‘Turn on the Lights’ – Sustainable Energy Investment and Regulatory Policy: Charting the Hydrokinetic Path in Pakistan.” “[The article] was published in the Washington and Lee Journal of Energy, Climate, and the Environment. This article was developed with the support of faculty and colleagues at the 2013 IGLP Workshop […]

Luis Eslava, IGLP Alum, is pleased to share his article “Istanbul Vignettes: Observing the Everyday Operation of International Law“ published in the London Review of International Law. The article is a result of his fieldwork in Istanbul, with the support of the Santander-IGLP Doha Grant.  “Many thanks [to the IGLP] for supporting my research in this and […]

Zachary Kaufman is a Visiting Researcher at the IGLP, as well as Visiting Fellow at Yale Law School, the Yale School of Management’s Program on Social Enterprise, and Yale’s Genocide Studies Program as well as a Lecturer in Yale’s Department of Political Science. He shares a recent publication,  “Transitional Justice for Tojo’s Japan: The United States Role in […]

This symposium will examine the nexus between the political dominance of liberal legal ideas and the economic dominance of neo-liberal capitalism. The symposium will take place over 2 days at the University of New South Wales Law School, Sydney, Australia on August 1-2,  2014. We invite paper proposals on any of the below, or related, themes. […]

IGLP Alum, Tor Krever, would like to share his  article, “Dispensing Global Justice“, published in “New Left Review”. The article, ‘Dispensing Global Justice’, considers the origins and evolution of the International Criminal Court, examining the context of the court’s establishment, the motives of the states that set it up and the record of its operations to […]

Susan Harris Rimmer, IGLP Workshop Alum and Director of Studies, Asia Pacific College of Dipolmacy, was nominated as an expert delegate on the Australian official delegation to the UN Commission on the Status of Women, March 9-23, UN HQ New York. Michaelia Cash*, the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women, made the announcement on February 20th, 2014. […]