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Writing is the most developed media for sharing our findings and advancing critical thinking. The Institute encourages the development of new ideas in all forms, including new books and academic papers. We have provided this space to encourage our partners, friends and colleagues to share new books and papers which they feel will help advance progressive and alternative ideas about international law, society, and political economy.

If you have new writing you’d like us to consider sharing with the IGLP Network, please send a it to The views and opinions expressed in writings shared here do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Harvard or of the Institute.

Chantal Thomas, Professor of Law, Cornell Law School and IGLP Workshop Faculty Alum, published a paper which was recently reviewed by Jaya Ramji-Nogales for “Jotwell – The Journal of Things We Like (Lots): “Immigration Controls and ‘Modern-Day Slavery’ “  “Chantal Thomas’s new paper, Immigration Controls and “Modern-Day Slavery”, takes on the challenge of bringing hard-nosed logic to […]

Günter Frankenberg, Professor of Public Law, Legal Philosophy and Comparative Law, Goethe University, Germany and IGLP advisory council and core faculty member at IGLP: The Workshop in Doha, is pleased to announce the release of this book, “Political Technology and the Erosion of the Rule of Law: Normalizing the State of Exception” (Elgar Monographs in Constitutional and […]

Charlotte Peevers, IGLP Workshop and Conference Alum, and Faculty at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, is pleased to announce the recent publication of her book “The Politics of Justifying Force: the Suez Crisis, the Iraq War, and International Law” (Oxford University Press). In the book’s acknowledgements, Ms. Peevers thanks numerous members of the IGLP […]

Gunter Frankenberg, Professor of Public Law, Legal Philosophy and Comparative Law, Goethe University, Germany and IGLP advisory council and core faculty member at IGLP: The Workshop in Doha, is pleased to announce the release of this new book which developed, in part, through conversations with colleagues at the Institute for Global Law & Policy. Contributors include: […]

The IGLP is pleased to announce IGLP Almuni and Affiliated Scholars, Rose Parfitt (Melbourne Law School), Usha Natarajan (The American University in Cairo), and Luis Eslava (Melbourne Law School) have released their collective review of  Timothy Mitchell’s Carbon Democracy in a mini-seminar and paper (Post) Revolutionary Interlinkages: Labor, Environment and Accumulation in Transnational Legal Theory.  This project was […]

Edited by: David M. Trubek, Helena Alviar Garcia, Diogo R. Coutinho, Alvaro Santos. David M. Trubek, Senior Advisory Council member of the IGLP Network and Voss-Bascom Professor of Law Emeritus and a Senior Fellow of the Center for World Affairs and the Global Economy (WAGE) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is pleased to announce the […]

On Monday, April 29, 2013, Amr Shalakany gave a talk at Brown University to discuss his new book,  “The Rise and Fall of Egypt’s Legal Elite: 1805-2005” (published in Arabic by Dar Al-Shorouk). He is a IGLP Academic Council member and was the Aga Khan Distinguished Visiting Professor of Islamic Humanities at Brown University for […]

IGLP Affiliated Scholar and Research Fellow and PhD Candidate at the University of Hong Kong is pleased to announce the recent publication of her book, Basel Regulations And Operational Risk Management: Conceptual Challenges under Basel II & Basel III.  Abstract: Financial globalization has given an impetus to the development and innovation in financial products. However, […]

IGLP affiliated Scholar and Research Fellow for the Unit for Global Justice at the University of London, Jose-Manuel Barreto, recently published the article entitled “Decolonial Strategies and Dialogue in the Human Rights Field: A Manifesto in Transnational Legal Theory. Abstract: “Within the horizon of the critique of Eurocentrism, this manifesto presents methods of interpretation that […]

Politics of Post-Civil Society: A Contemporary History of Political Movements in India by IGLP affiliated scholar, Ajay Gudavarthi, was just released this January by Sage Publications. Politics of Post-Civil Society is an attempt to map the discourse and politics of contemporary political movements in India that have been negotiating with the hegemonic effects born out of the […]

Oishik Sircar, an IGLP affiliated scholar and Honorary Research Fellow at the Collaborative Research Programme on Law, Postcoloniality and Culture at Jindal Global Law School, recently published the article “Spectacles of Emancipation: Reading Rights Differently in India’s Legal System” in the Osgoode Hall Law Journal. Sircar asks critical questions about how neo-liberalism changes and challenges […]

IGLP Contributors Jason Jackson (2012 IGLP Docent) and Jonathan Burton-Macleod’s new paper “”Influence of South African Legislation on India’s Mines and Minerals Bill: Problems and Perils” was featured in a recent issue of Economic & Political Weekly.  The paper examines India’s attempt to appropriate, for use in a draft mining bill, elements of the law […]

Ayça Çubukçu, an IGLP affiliated scholar and Assistant Professor in Human Rights at the Department of Sociology and the Centre for Human Rights at the London School of Economics and Political Science, conducted an interview with renowned scholar of Postcolonial Studies, Partha Chatterjee, about his new book, The Black Hole of Empire: History of a Global […]

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HLS SJD Damjan Kukovec’s new Working Paper A Critique of the Rhetoric of Common Interest in the European Union Legal Discourse was originally presented at the IGLP and IEE (CEU San Pablo University) joint seminar, “The European Legal Project: New Approaches” at Harvard Law School on April  13, 2012.  In the paper Mr. Kukovec argues that the […]